Solutions for Startups

Startups follow strict budget and require intelligent resouce planning and resource management. Have your developers do what they do best, we will take care of all the infrastructure and services that are not the main core of your business.

Your Challenge

  • Time to market
  • Limited development budget
  • Avoid infrastructure investments and minimize capital expenditure

Pain Points and Risks

  • Robust, future proof and scalable architecture
  • Need for technically skilled people to develop the product from scratch
  • Need to develop prototypes ahead of competition

Our Solutions

  • Proof of concept research analysis and refinement of product concept
  • Requirements analysis
  • Set architecture and design strategy, as well as technology and tools selection
  • Prototyping development using our in-house team and outsources
  • Design of framework, core, user interface and more
  • Hosting and infrastructure based on Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
  • Flexible contracts and pricing model based on your success
  • Speed up time to market by using our ready-made solutions for end-user billing, customer management, resellers and affiliates platform

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.