Solutions for Small/Medium Businesses

We help businesses leverage and utilize technology to provide the service levels and functionality needed to grow the business while streamlining processes and controlling costs.

In most SMBs there is an employee who takes on the unofficial role of IT support and technology expert. This person is often called on to help make decisions, deploy technologies and support users but in most circumstances he also have another full time role in the organization.

IT Necessity

  • Do you have hard time leveraging your technology investments to achieve their business objectives?
  • Do you aviod new technology as you have no one to integrate it into your business?
  • Is your business at risk of disruptions due to existing old technology already established at your business?
We work proactively to minimize the risk of IT problems that adversely affect your business!

We act as a true business partner being able to collaborate, analyze issues, and provide recommendations that enhance both the top and bottom line growth of your business.

Introducing: IT Total Care for SMB

We assume responsibility for administering your IT needs on an ongoing basis. Whether it's e-mail security, intrusion detection, virtual private networking (VPN), networking and wireless, storage, desktop or remote management, customer relations and backups.

We can quickly resolve problems before business operations are affected by using a set of tools and expertise. We will attend your offices periodically as well as service your IT remotely.

Your Challenge

  • Implement eBusiness technologies
  • Need for different technical skill sets
  • Technology become a "must have" rather than a "nice to have"
  • Client demands
  • Knowledge retention
  • Increased security requirements

Pain Points and Risks

  • Need to implement and streamline processes and other disciplines
  • Lack of technically skilled people
  • Lack of knowledge of technical business needs
  • Narrow sight of existing off-the-shelf solutions
  • Employee work continuity intrrupted due to technical problems
  • You think you perform IT tasks effectively...

Our Solutions

  • Evaluate and monitor systems health, forecasting failures and identifying sub-standard configuration concerns
  • Conduct comprehensive security audits and monitor for viruses, malware, hacks and other threats
  • Advise and execute the most suitable technology solution for your business
  • Service your IT needs onsite and remotely
  • Solution assessment and compatibility reviews for your business needs and vision
  • Disaster recovery planning and data protection, in-house as well as remote backup service
  • Servers co-location and Enterprise Hosting solutions
  • Flexible contracts and pricing models

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.