Solutions for Service Proviers

Whether you have only 1 PC or 100 PCs, downtime can be costly and frustrating.

Introducing: IT Total Care for Service Provider

We assume responsibility for administering your IT needs on an ongoing basis. Whether it's e-mail security, intrusion detection, virtual private networking (VPN), networking and wireless, storage, desktop or remote management, customer relations and backups.

We can quickly resolve problems before business operations are affected by using a set of tools and expertise. We will attend your offices periodically as well as service your IT remotely.

Your Challenge

  • Computers uptime, backups, disaster recovery planning and availability
  • Drowning in paperwork of invoices, quotes, faxes, ISO900x requirements and such
  • Integrate additional communication channels with your clients (such as SMS, emails, etc)

Pain Points and Risks

  • Lack of profesional IT personnel and knowledge
  • High expenses on external technicians and outsourcing

Our Solutions

  • Integrate existing off-the-shelf solutions as well as developing custom made solutions
  • Service your IT needs onsite and remotely
  • Disaster recovery planning and data protection, in-house as well as remote backup service
  • Flexible contracts and pricing models

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.