Virtual IT Staff

We provide complete proactive maintenance and support for your organization's IT infrastructure at a flat monthly fee. Never experience unexpected costs related to IT, and minimize IT infrastructure downtime as our specialists available 24x7 to respond to all your needs and concerns.

Your Benefits

  • Complete coverage of hardware, software and network
  • Increased security
  • Maximized uptime and performance
  • Reduced operational costs and cost control
  • Flexible contracts and guaranteed response times

We service the IT needs of small and mid-sized businesses. By using proven tools to actively monitor your network we are able to maximize uptime of your IT infrastructure, increase security, reduce operational costs improve performance and control costs. We keep your mission-critical servers up and running.

Virtual IT Outline

You will have someone attentive to your IT needs, whether locally in your organization, remotely and automatically. Some of the benefits you will gain from choosing our Virtual IT include:

  • In-depth assessment

    Identifying ways to stabilize and optimize the environment including a detailed inventory of devices and applications
  • Business continuity

    Implementing strategies for data protection and disaster recovery planning for your mission-critical factors
  • Business reviews

    Validating your business IT requirements, and planning future initiatives
  • End-user support

    Help-desk services with assured response time
  • Security assurance

    Conducting comprehensive security audits and ongoing monitoring of viruses, malware and other threats
  • Improved performance and uptime

    Evaluating servers health, forecasting failures and identifying sub-standard configuration concerns

Virtual IT Team

We are truly experts in technology. Our engineers can quickly get a grip of the overall requirements of your business and take immediate and long term actions. The following technology is covered by our Virtual IT Team:

  • Servers:

    resource monitoring, resource allocation, availability, maintenance, patch management, spare parts availability, backups
  • Workstations:

    collaboration solutions, maintenance, backups, audit
  • Applications:

    Microsoft, Linux, commercial and off-the-shelf, custom made applications
  • Security:

    vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, backdoors and leaks
  • Connectivity:

    remote access, wireless, VPN, continuity and availability, security
  • Backups:

    policies, integrity verification

Virtual CTO

The CTO's role is to define, research and implement the technology required to accomplish the business vision and strategy of the organization. Take advantage of our Virtual CTO service without increasing manpower quota in your business. We identify opportunities to utilize technology and existing resources and aim to the most cost effective solution. A Virtual CTO will take care of the following:

  • Technology Strategy Planning:

    Following your business vision and understanding it's needs, our CTO will advise and execute the most suitable technology solution for your business.
  • Solution Assessment:

    Developing requirements specifications and evaluating technology solutions offered by your vendors, our CTO will make sure you're buying the right solution.
  • Relocation Planning:

    Moving your servers to a different location is involved with downtime and interruption to business. Our CTO will plan and execute the relocation.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning:

    The only thing worse than a disaster is not being prepared for one. Our CTO will plan (and execute when needed) a recovery plan to bring your mission-critical elements of your business up and running, so business continuity is preserved.

Virtual DBA

Virtual DBA service is designed to enhance your in-house database administration capability with skilled SQL experts, proficient especially in Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

  • Database Backups:

    Scheduled and ad-hoc database backups and integrity checks, disaster recovery plans, implement redundancy and replication
  • Database Availability:

    Setup high availability, multi-master replication, perform health checks
  • Database Security:

    Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, backdoors and leaks
  • Database Monitoring:

    Proactive database monitoring and operational problems remediation
  • Database Maintenance:

    Preventative maintenance, automated cleaning and vacuuming/shrinking

Using our knowledge, skills and expertise we bring immediate stability and business continuity to your organization, securing your mission-critical servers and creating productivity gains and business value.

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.