SaaS Integration

Being able to run a modern business without spending huge amounts into expensive software, greedy infrastructure demands and pricey IT staff is no fantasy. This vision is accomplished by integrating your software and data to the On-Demand model. The advantages of having your business's critical data hosted on our managed infrastructure reflect on your Total Cost of Ownership and have quick Return of Investment.

There are no installations, no hardware investments, no IT staff, no maintenance, and you have the ability to work from anywhere. Using an on-demand platform allows you to concentrate on business matters rather than technology, drastically reducing the time-to-market of your business.

Your Benefits of using On-Demand Model

Both small and large organizations can benefit by simply integrating the applications they use into our remote platform:

  • No installations, no hardware investments, no IT staff, no maintenance
  • Work from anywhere
  • Reduced operational costs and cost control by paying flat monthly fee
  • Highly secured environment
  • Easily scale based on your needs
  • Backup policy is enforced and done automatically
  • We take care the hassle and the costs of hardware failures and maintenance
  • 24x7 specialists available to respond to all your needs and concerns

How it is Done

Our engineers install your mission-critical applications on a centralized server hosted at our facilities and maintained by our team. Your data will be moved to our server so your business continuity will not be interrupted. We establish security policy and enforce it. We provide training to your employees as well as 24x7 support.

Supported Technology

Almost every application can be moved to our on-demand platform. Following list is sample of applications and technologies that can be trasformed to On-Demand:

  • Accounting softwares, CRM, ERP, Trouble Ticketing, and more
  • Database applications based on Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, PHP+MySQL, Oracle and more
  • Windows and Linux based applications, and other operating systems as well
  • Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, mail servers, web servers and more

Many organizations cut their costs by transforming their mission-critical applications into the On-Demand model allowing them to concentrate on productivity instead of maintenance.

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.