Enterprise Hosting

Through the implementation of cloud computing, clustering, load balancing, redundancy and proxying we are able to provide reliable and secure hosting platform for any application or environment.

As your mission-critical applications move on the Internet, it is important to provide highly available services to gain increased customer satisfaction. In addition to true proactive monitoring and real-time performance analysis your web services will accessible.

Enterprise Hosting Key Benefits

Delivering software over the Internet provides many benefits for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs):

  • Service Continuity

    There is no single point of failure so when a server or link fail the service is not interrupted.
  • High Security

    The real data is kept safe and not exposed to the Internet as the database is location behind a proxy and on a internal private network.
  • Fully Transparent

    Both end-users and administrators interact with the hosting system as if it were only a single server, unaware of any actions done automatically behind the scene.
  • Automatic Scalability

    Serving tenth of thousands visitors with unpredicted peaks and high demands does not require any manual action as the platform automatically scale based on the current amount of end-users.

We provide hosting services on our own managed platform. If you're interested in managing your own cloud environment then our Cloud Computing Administration service will suit your requirements:

Cloud Computing Administration

Predicting hosting capacity and storage usage can be extremely challenging.
A lack of capacity cause delays in project deployments, dissatisfied customers and ultimately loss of revenue.
Over-planning means that you’re left with idle, costly equipment and unused data capacity.

By utilizing Amazon Web Services for content delivery and distribution we provide developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments.

Our cloud services includes:

  • Cloud computing strategy and tactics to handle traffic overflow, disaster and failover
  • Data center optimization planning and integration
  • Cloud deployment, solving scaling and clustering issues
  • Integration with other Amazon services: EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud, SimpleDB, S3 Storage Service, Flexible Payments Service (FPS) and DevPay

Our Administration Service Key Benefits

  • Decrease time-to-market required to plan, implement and deploy new applications on the cloud platform. Faster adoption of new technologies and improved end user service levels.
  • Optimize performance, reduce operational costs, utilize cloud resources and increase adaptability of cloud resources.
  • Simplify systems management by taking advantage of our skills, expertise and technologies.

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.