Custom Application Development

We create complex business applications and enhance business agility by accelerating the development of software products to reduce their time to market. Our service is backed by top-quality program management, proven processes, paradigms and tools. Skilled software product engineers with deep experience and expertise in leading-edge technologies help improve quality of successful software products. Our full lifecycle product engineering offering is end-to-end, including conceptual specification design and development, technology re-engineering, mobile and SaaS enablement.

We focus on core business priorities and follow your business's process to keep the learning curve short. We produce robust, mature and user-friendly products.

Web Applications

Web presence greatly impacts the impression that your customer will have on your business. Our strategic approach meets the organization-specific requirements to procude distinct, highly effective web based application. Designed and built specifically on the market segment that your business is related to.

Advantages of Web Applications Approach:

  • Helps your business to be promoted into an e-business
  • Creates e-store for online ordering, order mapping, payment processing and warehouse management
  • Provides intuitive CMS tools to manage and modify the information
  • Provides public and password protected information on the same platform

Client/Server Applications

Using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools we are able to deliver customized applications based on a client/server approach. Whether for internal business use or as a communication channel with vendors, a client/server architechture provide high security, role-based access lists and friendly user interface. This design model provides another layer of security and is especially efficient in intranet or over-VPN environments.

Advantages of Client/Server Approach:

  • Promotes ease of communications at the corporate levels
  • Provides data and resource sharing facility within Intranet framework
  • Helps in customization and automation of existing sales, accounting, and business management systems

Software Embedded Appliance

Offer your customers a branded physical product with OS and custom software pre-installed as ready-to-run system, where they just plug the appliance to their network and start using the software installed on it. We will help you choose the most suitable platform for your needs, whether if for high capacity or high performance, we plan the final product from the concept stage throughout integration to production. Your customers will enjoy the added value of a perfectly optimized of the highest quality system.

Advantages of Software Embedded Appliance Approach:

  • Easy to deply at customer's premises
  • Prototyping and low volume production available
  • Modular design approach
  • Turnkey platform
  • Standardized production processes to keep costs down
  • Completely custom case design and branding
  • Wide range of reference hardware platforms


We help you choose the most appropriate tools and platform for your application, which may include integration of several products to produce the final result. Soem of the tools we use:

  • RAD Tools:

    OpenERP, uniPaaS,
  • OS Platform:

    Windows, Linux, mobile, and platform-independed applications
  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Languages:

    Perl, PHP, C++, C#, ASP

Using our knowledge, skills and expertise we bring immediate stability and business continuity to your organization, securing your mission-critical servers and creating productivity gains and business value.

Our key aim is to be strong long-term partner for our clients by providing 100% satisfaction.